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Importing products and goods from China presents a number of challenges.

Scale Roads is your China sourcing agent and is in charge of the entire import process, including sourcing, private labeling, procurement guidance, quality control, transportation, and legislation and tax. As a result, you can delegate the role of importer to us and concentrate on what is truly important to you: your business.

We have international purchasing offices in the trade-driven Netherlands and in the Chinese city of Shanghai. This allows us to make quick decisions, and we have direct contact with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.

We handle your procurement process from start to finish with the necessary knowledge. We provide a complete solution for European companies to easily make purchases in China, from sourcing to transportation. The emphasis is on ensuring high quality.

We look for the best suppliers and manufacturers to meet your requirements. We know exactly where to look for them thanks to our years of knowledge and experience. And all with the same goal in mind: to develop and import the best products for you while also managing your supply chain efficiently.

We are your Asian procurement partner. We understand the Western markets like no one else, thanks to our experience in e-commerce and marketing, as well as our Dutch heritage. We will assist you in efficiently importing your products, whether you are a trader, retailer, or e-commerce company, with our total solution.

Have you been working in China for a while? Then we can assist you as well. We would be delighted to work with you to improve your procurement processes.

Have you been active in China for some time? Then we can also be of service to you. We would be happy to look with you at optimizing your procurement processes.



We consider your requirements during the sourcing process. We can work with your company as a sourcing partner in China to find a suitable Chinese supplier who will provide the best quality for your product based on your specifications. Furthermore, our sourcing agent can negotiate purchasing terms on your behalf locally, as well as perform other activities such as factory vetting and quality control.
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Private Labeling-vierkant

Private labelling

To improve your competitive position, you must create your own unique products. With a private label, you can create a high-quality brand, add value, and increase the sales power of your products. We like to think along with you to make your product as unique as possible, from the products to the packaging.
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Inkoop begeleiding-vierkant

Procurement guidance

We professionally coordinate the procurement process from China and represent your company in China. We develop long-term relationships with your suppliers in order to consistently deliver the right quality and delivery times while reducing risks in the procurement process. Based on your specifications, we negotiate with our suppliers and record agreements to obtain the best purchase price, products, private labels, payment terms, and carrier.
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Quality ­control

We conduct quality assurance checks at the Chinese manufacturer where your products are made. It is more of a rule than an exception in China that some product batches do not meet your minimum requirements and quality standards. This can lead to significant financial losses.

Our inspectors inspect productions and check and evaluate samples for proper color and certificates. As a result, we maintain high standards in order to reduce risk and minimize product returns. Quality control significantly reduces financial loss, making it a small investment with a large return

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We deliver your products and goods directly to your warehouse or fulfillment center. We offer you the most efficient solution: current prices for the transport of your shipment, thanks to our extensive network, good transport partners, and intelligent logistics management solutions.

At Scale Roads, you have three options for transporting your China container: air freight, sea freight, and train. With our global transportation partners, we can provide a suitable solution for any type of cargo.

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Import duties

Import duties, regulations, and import charges will apply if you are importing goods from China. That is why we keep a close eye on China's purchasing laws and regulations. We can assist you in preparing the necessary documents and dealing with Dutch customs, among other things, due to our current knowledge of customs regulations. Because of our experience and transparency, you can expect a quick and smooth import process with minimal risks.
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Are you looking for a specific product to import, or do you want to produce and transport your essential import products more efficiently? We are happy to assist you in developing the right product and managing the entire process from production to transportation.

Whether you are a seasoned buyer or a first-time buyer looking for assistance with bulk purchasing in China. Scale Roads strives for perfection and will develop a total solution tailored to your needs!

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