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You will have to deal with the Eastern way of doing business if you want to import products from China. Globalization has made it easier to import from China, but communication and cultural differences make it difficult for many businesses to buy efficiently from Asia.

When you buy in China, you want to be assured of high-quality products and services at the best possible price, as well as quick production times, efficient transportation, and the right factory. Finding the right factory in China to produce your products and goods, in particular, can be time-consuming.

Professional procurement assistance for importing from China ensures that you are completely burden-free, allowing you to concentrate on what is truly important to you: business.

Scale Roads is your procurement and quality partner in China. We relieve you of the burden by assisting and guiding you through the procurement process. As specialists, we are fluent in Chinese and have extensive knowledge of Chinese business culture. We assist you in strengthening your purchasing power and realizing purchasing advantages, whether you want to start importing from China or expand your purchase flows.

We know our way around China and how to establish long-term relationships for you. As a purchasing agent, we can take care of your needs faster and better because of our physical presence in China and direct contacts with Chinese factories.

We can connect you directly with a local point of contact in China at every stage of the procurement process, from sourcing to pre-shipment inspection. This allows for immediate action and the presence of a responsible individual close to your trade.

With our total solution, we are your partner for your entire purchasing process in China.

Supplier ­selection

Choosing the best supplier to meet your needs and product specifications is not only the first and most important step in the procurement process. It is also a career. We can conduct a supplier selection for you quickly and on-site due to our many years of experience and local presence near the factories. The selection is based on experience, working conditions, product quality, and the factory.


What is the cost of each product? Are your transportation costs reasonable? What other cost items can you take action on, and how will you do so? Scale Roads understands the market and will seek out suppliers who produce high-quality products at competitive prices that meet your specifications. Then we look for the best transporters who can transport your products efficiently and at reasonable rates.

Product ­development

Your product can be developed once the manufacturer has been selected. Samples of your product are created and tested on a regular basis. If your product's samples are complete to your liking and the requirements are contractually defined, the production phase begins. Following production, a quality check is performed to ensure that there are no surprises when the products are delivered to you.

Importing safely from China

China represents a significant business opportunity for European firms. You benefit from economies of scale and lower prices, making it appealing to import your products directly from China.

A purchasing agent has been through the entire process, from supplier selection to importation, and is well-versed in the bottlenecks where things can go wrong for your company, such as delivery conditions.

There is also the possibility that your products or goods will be required to comply with specific documentation. This documentation can be falsified or delivered incorrectly to the importing party at any time, causing problems at customs. We are up to date on the latest developments in import duties, so we can fully support you and alleviate all of your concerns. Using a purchasing agent can thus save you a lot of money while also limiting your risks.


If you choose Scale Roads, you can be confident that your products will be safely imported from China.


Are you ready to take the next step? Begin purchasing in China right away. Scale Roads is your independent partner who knows the market, so we can expertly guide you through the procurement process and provide you with an excellent price/quality ratio.

We will guide you through the entire procurement process. Consider the following:

Please contact us first if you want to exchange ideas with Scale Roads about unburdening, supporting, or optimizing your procurement processes. We will gladly assist you in implementing an efficient procurement process.

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