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A clear approach to sourcing in China

Our working method

We can provide the best of both worlds due to our physical presence in the Netherlands and China. You can seek the advice of someone close to you at any time during the process leading up to the purchase order. Our team in China takes care of all ongoing projects and issues in the background, 7 or 6 hours ahead. We can work more efficiently because we have a physical presence in both countries, and we are always close to you or your products.

The complete package

We can take care of your entire procurement process in China. From sourcing to taking care of the logistics. And from private labeling to quality control.
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Within our sourcing process, we take your requirements into account. As a sourcing partner in China, we can work with your company to find suitable Chinese supplier who will provide the best quality for your product based on your specifications.
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Private Labeling-vierkant

Private labeling

To improve your competitive position, it is essential to develop your own distinctive products. With a private label, you build a high-quality brand, create value and get selling power from your products.
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Inkoop begeleiding-vierkant

Procurement guidance

We professionally coordinate the procurement process from China and represent your company in China. We develop long-term relationships with your suppliers in order to consistently deliver the right quality and delivery times while reducing risks in the procurement process.
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Quality control

We conduct quality assurance checks at the Chinese manufacturer where your products are made. It is more of a rule than an exception in China that some product batches do not meet your minimum requirements and quality standards. This can lead to significant financial losses.
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We deliver your products and goods directly to your warehouse or fulfillment center. We offer you the most efficient solution: current prices for the transport of your shipment, thanks to our extensive network, good transport partners, and intelligent logistics management solutions.
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As a company, you are constantly looking to optimize your product in quality, price, functions, etc. Nowadays, more than 80% of all products worldwide are made in China. Therefore, most companies will consider sourcing in China. Product sourcing in China gives companies a wide range of factories to choose from.


Curious about what we can do for your business? Then take a look at some of our cases.
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Efficient and direct

We had been doing business in China for several years, but there were always communication and quality issues. We can now focus on work that we are good at because we are running our planning and sourcing through Scale Roads. Working with the Scale Roads team is a breath of fresh air, and it is far more efficient than working with Chinese suppliers directly. Highly recommended for all Chinese sourcing!


- Online retailer in sanitary ware

Grip on your business

We found a solution to have our company represented in China with Scale Roads. We can directly benefit from their presence in China in terms of sourcing and verifying suppliers, quality assurance, and planning assistance. Scale Roads is the company to contact if you want to handle your activities in China.


- Importer of machine parts

Customers tell

Several clients preceded you, see here some of the reactions about the cooperation.

Why choose Scale Roads

Maximize your sales force

The combination of finding the right products and branding the products with your branding makes it unique. Scale Roads offers this combination to get the most selling power from your products.

Close to you and your products

We are based in the Netherlands and Shanghai. Feel free to communicate in western time zones and in your own language. Most likely your products will be made in China. We will make sure that your products arrive on time and that they are of good quality.

All-in-one solution

We take care of all aspects within the buying process, including product proposals, branding, finding the factory, negotiations, shipping and offering sales solutions. All elements are focused on your business.

We speak your language

We know what your customer demands. We market those needs to the latest product trends for the best customer satisfaction. And of course we speak English, Dutch and Chinese.

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