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A private label allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors by bringing unique products to market. You add value to your company’s image, identity, and confidence by using a private label. Private label products are only available to you because you are the only one who can sell them.

You can sell a private label product at a profit, and it allows you to bind customers to your company through your own branded products.

Creating a private label is a profession in and of itself. There are several factors to consider, such as design preparation and locating the best supplier.

As a result, entrusting a private label project to a professional and specialized party is prudent. Scale Roads is your private label product development partner.

Have a product made

Do you want to have products made under your own private label and establish your own brand? Scale Roads assists you in mass producing your designs. To achieve a high-quality end product, the private label must go through several stages of development. We provide a full range of services.

You submit a design or design drawing to us. We then search our extensive network for a manufacturer who matches your company's and product requirements. We conduct a quality check on the product samples after we have found a manufacturer. Finally, we arrange for a cost-effective transportation solution to deliver your private label products to their final destination.

Whether you want to use existing products or develop new ones, Scale Roads can provide suitable products for your brand that meet the needs of the target group within each product segment. Our strength lies in providing a complete solution, from locating the right manufacturer to negotiating a competitive price for transportation. We relieve you as an intermediary by providing high-quality private label products that meet your requirements.

Import product

Because of economies of scale and attractive purchase prices, importing private label products from China is appealing. Select sourcing, quality control, or get started with our total procurement solution.

Restrictions on private label procurement China

Buying private label products in China has some drawbacks as well. A new product, for example, or a modification to an existing product, entails development costs. In most cases, a new mold must be created, or machine or work process adjustments must be made. This "mold" or adjustment necessitates time and money, both of which can be substantial.

When the pre-production sample is developed, you will also have to deal with a high Minimum Order Quantity. The MOQ is set by the manufacturer because they will not or cannot adjust the work process to produce at a reasonable price in the end. As a result, the MOQ can be higher than the number you have in mind.

Rebrand existing product

The world is changing at an alarming rate. People change, and so do the needs of your target audience.

Do you want to appeal to a different audience, appeal to new audiences, or is your brand in need of a new look? Rebranding existing products can give your brand new life.

Reposition your brand by converting items into private label products that are identical to your existing brand. A private label allows you to build and expand a brand while also adding value. Your customers will perceive greater value in your products if they have their own story/brand.

Scale Roads manages your products while you focus on creating new content and growing your business.


A private label is a product produced by one company and marketed by another under its own brand.
With your own private label, you can distinguish yourself from the competition by adding unique details to the products. Having your own brand or trademark makes it easy to define your own positioning. A private label product is often offered to reach the target market differently. This can be based on price, quality, image, brand content, or a mix of these aspects. A private label is an alternative to a brand. By offering private label products of the right quality, you create value to build a brand and strengthen your image.

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