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Import duties China

China is an attractive country to import products and goods from. The production costs are low and the various transport possibilities and routes are excellent. If you import products and goods into China, you will have to deal with import duties, VAT and customs clearance charges from China.

It is important that you have the right documents, do not pay too much for the import duties and do business with a reliable Chinese supplier or manufacturer. Your product must comply with European and national requirements and regulations and be safe and usable. As an importer you are responsible for this.

Scale Roads is your sourcing agent in China. We take care of your procurement process from beginning to end. First, we select the best supplier who can deliver products that meet your quality requirements, perform quality checks and choose the most efficient transport option. In addition, we are well informed about import duties, VAT rules and customs clearance costs. So you will not encounter unexpected surprises and additional costs when importing your products and goods.

Import duties from China to the Netherlands

If you import goods from China to the Netherlands, you will not only have to deal with import duties. In addition to import duties, as an importer you will pay customs clearance costs and import VAT in the Netherlands. In the following paragraphs we will discuss this in more detail.

Calculate import duties China

Import duties China are calculated on the price of your products and goods, transport costs and any insurance costs. Import duties from China vary by product category. For example, you pay no import duties on electronics such as phones and laptops. For product categories that do have import duties, you will pay between 0 and 17%.

Import tax China

If you import products and goods from a non-EU country like China, you will have to pay VAT. The VAT is calculated on the price of the goods, the shipping costs, any insurance costs and import duties.

As of July 1, there are new VAT rules. Previously, VAT was charged on an entire shipment above a certain amount, but now VAT is charged on all shipments from China to the Netherlands.

You pay VAT at customs with the so-called import declaration. If you are entitled to a VAT deduction, then you deduct the import tax in your VAT declaration form. You can do this by applying for an article 23 permit at your tax office. The processing of the application takes approximately 5 to 6 weeks. This permit can be seen as an exemption: you do not pay VAT at customs. You do have to mention the VAT in your VAT return. Article 23 is not necessary for the import of bulk goods from china, but it does have a positive effect on your casfhlow.

In addition to import duties and VAT, you will have to pay customs clearance costs. These are the costs the carrier incurs to deliver your shipment to your desired destination. The clearance costs differ per transport option and carrier.

Thanks to our up-to-date knowledge of possible import duties, VAT rules and customs clearance, we can help you prepare the right documents, deal with Dutch customs and other administrative tasks. Because of our experience you can rely on a fast and cost effective process, which runs as smoothly as possible.

Does your company not want to import goods? Even then, Scale Roads can be of service by being the importing company.


From July 1, 2021, new rules will apply to the import of products and goods from China. All products and goods coming from outside the eu are subject to VAT and customs fees. The amount of import duties depends on the commodity code or TARIC code of your products and goods. In addition to import duties, you will have to pay Dutch VAT on the products and services you import from China. If you import on a regular basis and are entitled to a VAT deduction, we advise you to apply for a permit under Article 23 from the Dutch Tax Administration (Belastingdienst). With this permit you will receive VAT exemption on your imported products and services.

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