About us

At Scale Roads, we believe we can take your business to the next level. With our experience and network in Asia, we can be your company’s procurement partner, so you can spend more time running your business. But we are not only a procurement partner in Asia, with our experience in e-commerce & marketing and as Dutchmen we also understand the markets in the west. Whether you are a trader, retailer or an e-commerce company, we can help you source effectively.


In 2015, I relocated to China as a start-up working professionally to advance my career. I've gained a lot of experience working and doing business with Chinese people over the years, which gives me all the baggage to assist western companies in China.


After my first trip to China, I knew I'd be back for more, but this time for business. This is how it turned out. I've been in China for over 7 years, living and working.

Why choose Scale Roads

Maximize your sales power

The combination of finding the right products and providing the products with your branding is what makes it unique. Scale Roads offers this combination to get the most selling power from your products.

Close to you and your products

We are based in the Netherlands and Shanghai. Feel free to communicate in western time zones and in your own language. Most likely your products will be made in China. We will make sure that your products arrive on time and that they are of good quality.

All-in-one solution

We take care of all aspects within the buying process, including product proposals, branding, finding the factory, negotiations, shipping and offering sales solutions. All elements are focused on your business.

We speak your language

We know what your customer demands. We market those needs to the latest product trends for the best customer satisfaction. And of course we speak English, Dutch and Chinese.

How we work

1. Intake. Let’s talk about your organization and customers. We would like to find out everything about your target group. How can we create win-win situations?
2. Branding. In cooperation with you we come up with the first product ideas. In this process we discuss the branding requirements of your product all the way to the packaging.
3. Sourcing. We find the right supplier that provides the best quality for your new product, arrange samples and send them to you.
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4. Production. Your new products come to you in bulk. We make sure the factory delivers on time and with the right quality.
5. Logistics. We look for the most efficient way of shipping. Through our good relationships with forwarders we arrange distribution to your door.
6. Sales. No webshop yet? No problem, we’ll build you your own webshop where you can sell your unique products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are not suitable for small quantity orders. Our experience is that we can create a win-win situation from an order of 500 pieces.
Yes, it is possible. Sourcing, quality control and the use of our fulfillment centers can be used separately. Forwarders (logistics) and sales support (building web shops) can only be used when Scale Roads is used for the total end-to-end solution.
Bulk (private label) orders are purchased directly from Scale Roads. The purchase price we deliver to our customers includes our margin. Purchase prices can drop up to 60% compared to dropshipping websites like AliExpress. Separately purchased service prices are available upon request. Please contact us.
From factory in China to the Netherlands Airfreight 3-4 days Train 20 days Boat 28-35 days
Benelux 1-2 days Europe (outside Benelux) 3-5 days United States east coast 7-9 days United States west coast 5-7 days

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