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China will continue to be the West’s manufacturing powerhouse for many years to come. The primary reason for outsourcing production to China is cost. However, Chinese productions are not always known for their dependability and consistency in delivering the same level of quality.

Asia has different product quality standards than Europe, which can lead to significant disappointment when the products arrive. Quality control is required when importing products from China.

It is critical to have quality control in China before the products are shipped to ensure that you receive high-quality products.

Once your products have been paid for and shipped, you can no longer influence them. It is difficult to control quality coming from the Netherlands and Europe. Have a qualified inspector perform your quality checks in China. A significant risk can be covered for a small investment.

Scale Roads is your sourcing agent in China, and we can handle the entire procurement process, including quality control.

Quality of products

The quality of Chinese products varies greatly. Product quality standards in Asia differ from those in Europe. The quality of your production line is critical to your company's success. Customer satisfaction is ensured by high-quality products.

Scale Roads will assist you in exploring the market and selecting the Chinese manufacturer that best meets your requirements. We also ensure that handovers are smooth and that quality checks are performed at the appropriate time - prior to payment and shipment - and as desired.

Scale Roads has an experienced team of quality control inspectors in Chinese factories. Our inspectors have years of experience and are on the ground throughout China, so they know what to look for. One of our inspectors serves as a representative of your company during the quality checks. The inspector will examine the product specifications and test them for quality and accuracy. Our service will be reliable and transparent because you will receive interim reports on the findings.

Samples are examined until your products meet the product specifications.

What does a quality check involve

The buyer and the inspector will first meet to discuss the bottlenecks, quality requirements, and supplier(s) in a quality inspection. The inspector will then inspect the products and goods at the factory. The points discussed beforehand will be checked at random using the working drawing. Consider the size and color of the products. The inspector will take photos and videos during the inspection. Within 48 hours of the quality check, you will receive the final conclusion in the form of an inspection report. The report provides a detailed picture of the products and working conditions.

Why a quality control

There are significant cultural differences between the West and China. Chinese manufacturers have begun to simplify the production process for large bulk orders to reduce production costs and increase profits. Some of your products and goods may fall short of your minimum requirements. When large sums are involved, this damage can be significant. Scale Roads is your on-site inspector, performing quality checks as well as preventing and resolving quality issues.

Quality Control

Scale Roads employs inspectors from Western Europe who are familiar with Western standards and can provide an acceptable quality limit for quality control in China. The advantage is that we know what level of quality is expected. Meanwhile, we've been living and working near China's factories for over eight years, so our inspectors know exactly how to perform a quality inspection. We can be at the Chinese factory within 24 hours. We will indicate how long the inspection will take at the time of intake for the quality inspection. Scale Roads' quality inspection can bridge the quality gap between Chinese and Dutch products and goods. It is a small investment with a high return.

Do you require quality control in China? Allow Scale Roads to handle it for you. We will guide you through the entire purchasing process and ensure that you receive products that meet your quality standards.


In quality control, products and goods are tested for quality and correctness at specific points. An acceptance quality limit is used for this. Faulty products are detected and resolved early so that the importer is assured of good quality. In addition, quality control provides a great return on your investment.

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