Garden furniture from China

Garden furniture from China

A European garden furniture e-tailer was experiencing the well-known problems with purchasing from China. The communication, the time difference and mainly the doubts about the right quality furniture were his bottlenecks.

With these obstacles in mind, Scale Roads took decisive action and immediately organized a meeting with the manufacturer at the production site. In this meeting, delivery terms and quality requirements were discussed. Subsequently, this discussion was fed back with the findings and agreements.

Because Scale Roads now supports the total purchasing process, confidence in the manufacturer has been restored and the e-tailer can confidently look forward to the garden furniture from China. Moreover, during the production process and with the logistics, Scale Roads will inform and advise the customer so that the delivery arrives in time at the distribution center.

Besides Garden Furniture from China, Scale Roads also has experience in sourcing other products from China. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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