Why should you choose Scale Roads, as your procurement partner in China?


First, why would you buy products from China today? With nearly 3,000,000 factories throughout China, China has the most factories in the world. In the past, you would have chosen a Chinese factory because it was probably cheaper than anywhere else. In 2019, China is still very competitive in terms of pricing, but the average quality is also getting better. China has a national plan to become the leader in innovation and quality in 10 key industries in China. Another important reason to get products from China is the fact that Chinese factories are relatively flexible. If you have special requirements for your product, Chinese factories can even produce it for you in smaller MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity) compared to other countries. These are the main advantages of sourcing products from China.

All-in-one solution

After these promising words, why would you still need a procurement partner in China? As mentioned, there are nearly 3,000,000 factories in China. Among those factories, there are still many factories that have not yet made the leap. They still focus on cheap and poor quality products, sometimes combined with undesirable working conditions. As an entrepreneur or company in Europe, you don’t want to do business with those kinds of factories. But how can you do a factory audit if, for example, you are based in Belgium and the factory is in southern China? If you ask the factory for papers or certificates, the factories will always provide you with them – fake or real, it doesn’t matter. Scale Roads is based in China, and with over 8 years of experience, the folks at Scale Roads know how to make sure factory selection meets your standards. We have a network of reliable factories where the factory owners work according to local laws and our western standards.

We speak your language

The language barrier is also an important reason for working with a purchasing partner. Factories are often located in rural areas outside the major cities. In those areas it is difficult to find good English speaking people, so most English speaking people are relatives of the factory owner who have been sent to an English course to play the translator for the factory. These people can help you with some basic things, but if you want to explain your needs to them or if you are in a conversation with them, you cannot communicate with them. With Scale Roads, you don’t have to deal with endless conversations and discussions with the factory translators; we speak the local language, so this will improve the whole ordering process.

Close to you and your products

Quality control is also important. Imagine that you have ordered a container of products, with no problems in the factory selection process and communication. After you receive the products, you see a problem – more than 30% of the goods are not according to your MQS (Minimum Quality Standards). With a quality check from Scale Roads, you can avoid these problems. With our experience here in China, we know how to handle quality inspections to keep returns close to zero. It’s a small investment in your order, but it can save you a lot of money later.

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