Turn followers into buyers: when should I start?

Social media kanaal op de markt zetten

As the owner of your own social media channel, you strive for rapid growth with the highest quality followers. Important milestones are 10k, 100k, or even 1 million followers. In addition to the total amount, you also want a lot of engagement. The ultimate goal for most social channels is to be able to make money.

Traditional vs. New Influencer Marketing

A traditional way to make money is to promote other brands on your channel. For example, you have a YouTube channel about fitness and within your content you promote the new Nike workout clothing line. For this promotion you get a fee and/or commission. This YouTube channel can become so famous with a strong follower base that the YouTube channel itself becomes a brand. In this case, you can turn your channel into a brand through private label products with your brand image. The benefits are that you build your own brand, grabbing the full margins on your products, and you are seen as more trustworthy.

When exactly to start

For this example, we’ll take a made-up Dutch lifestyle and fitness channel. The YouTube channel started with instructional videos about workouts. Currently, the channel has over 95k subscribers with 93,529 monthly average views. The click rate for each YouTube channel is about 6%. It is estimated that 5,611 people will click through on the videos, and 2% of 5,611 will end up buying branded products in-store with an average order value of $20. Based on these averages and estimates, each video posted on this channel will generate sales of 2,240 euros.

Finding a starting point

It’s hard to predict when you can convert your followers into buyers. It depends on who your followers are, the products selected and other factors. Scale Roads can help you find your starting point for branding your social channel. Ask about how to turn your followers into customers today!

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