Up to €250,000 funding for e-commerce entrepreneurs with their own inventory


Growing with funding

Many companies struggle with capital to realize the growth that is available. So do many of Bol.com’s partners. Because Bol.com partners are specialists in their own niches, there are many opportunities within the niches. To seize these opportunities money is an important factor, something that a part of the Bol.com partners has no or less access to. Money that can be invested in the stock to cope with seasonal peaks or unexpected extra growth.

Investments can help companies to optimally respond to the opportunities that arise.

Financing program

A solution for the e-commerce entrepreneur may be the flexible financing from the Rabobank and Bol.com. They have recently launched a special program; e-commerce financing for own stock.

With this program it should be possible, through the data of bol.com, to get a loan proposal from the Rabobank within one day. If both parties agree, the money can be in the applicant’s account within 4 days.

Partners of Bol.com who are active on Bol.com for more than 12 months, are eligible for the financing product of the Rabobank. Besides being active on Bol.com, you must of course also have a Chamber of Commerce number. You must also have a bank account with Rabobank, ING or ABN AMRO.

Purchase office in China

When buying in China many things can go wrong, the larger the purchase amount the larger the possible damage for the receiver. Also, there are always some transfer moments where things can go wrong. A procurement office in China that has the expertise to manage everything can certainly come in handy. Scale Roads has been helping a number of e-commerce entrepreneurs and other companies with their entire procurement process in China for years. Curious about what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us and we will plan a meeting to discuss all possibilities.

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