Sourcing in China

With Scale Roads, you have a trustworthy sourcing partner located in China. With 8 years of experience in China, we deal with local suppliers on a daily basis to serve our clients. Inquire today with all your purchase questions!

As a company you are constantly on the lookout for optimizing your product in quality, price, features, etc. As of today, more than 80% of worldwide products are made in China. That’s why most businesses will consider to source in China. Product sourcing in China will offer businesses a variety of factories to choose from. If you are not located in China, the sourcing process can be overwhelming and very time consuming while you as business want to focus on selling, marketing, finance, etc. An effective way to have all the benefits is to have a sourcing agent that is located in China. They know all the do’s and don’ts of the sourcing process in China.


Scale Roads sourcing benefits:

  • Communicate in English, Dutch and Chinese
  • Located in China & The Netherlands
  • Broad network of familiair  factories
  • Young & ambitious team with fast answers to your sourcing inquiries

Watch our Q&A with Cédric Ophoff about product sourcing in China. The Q&A is in Dutch language. 

Sourcing in China FAQ