The shipment of your goods it the last activity in the total supply chain. Get your goods and save and with the right transportation to your desired location.

After completion of sourcing, quality control, and the manufacturing process, Scale Roads will take care of moving the products to the client’s desired destination. We have already worked for many years with our logistic partners who can ship your goods from every continent by all means of transportation. Forwarding your goods can be done by three different options:

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Air Cargo

For smaller amounts like samples and/or urgent inquiries, we can ship your products by air; this is the fastest, but also the most expensive option. There is a transfer time of 3 to 5 days (to any location in the world). This is most efficient for low volume and low weight products. 

Rail Freight

When the shipment is too big (too expensive) for air but you believe that ocean freight will take too long, the train transportation can be a good option. This is cheaper than air and faster than boat. The transfer time is 18 to 25 days (from China to Western Europe). This is most efficient for high volumes and heavy weight products.

Sea freight

Getting your products to your designated location in the most cost-efficient way is sea transportation. It will take from 35 to 45 days (from China to Western Europe). This transportation route also has the highest frequency of moving  40ft and 20ft container freight. Be aware that this transportation way takes the longest route of all options. Order on time to prevent delay on arrival time in Western Europe. Most efficient for high volumes and heavy weight products.

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Scale Roads Logistics Benefits

Transportation of bulk orders from the factory to your end consumer with Scale Roads is possible. We work together with fulfillment companies who can fulfill your orders in Europe, Asia, and the United States. With our fulfillment partners, we have strong relationships to distribute and bring your ordered goods from the warehouses to the end consumer - a total end-to-end solution

  • Strong forwarding relationships for air, rail and sea freight
  • Fulfilment partners in Europe, Asia and the United States
  • Total end-to-end logistic solution available