About Scale Roads

At Scale Roads, we believe that we can bring your business to the next level. With our experience and network in Asia, we can be the purchasing partner of your company so you can spend more time running your business. But we are not only a purchasing partner in Asia, with our experience in e-commerce & marketing; yes, we are Dutch, and we also understand the market in the Western world. Whether you are a traderretailer, or an e-commerce company, and you want to scale your business up with merchandising or private branding, Scale Roads is your partner.





Why Choose Us?

Maximize Your Selling Power

The combination of sourcing the right products with branding the product with your logo makes it unique. Scale Roads provides this combination to get the most selling power out of your products.

Close to You & Your Products

We are located in The Netherlands and Shanghai. Feel free to communicate in the Western time zones and in your own language. Most likely, your products will be made in China. We will make sure your products arrive on time and are made with great quality.

One-Stop Solution

We take care of all aspects within the purchase process, including product suggestions, branding, finding the factory, negotiations, shipment, and offering sales solutions. All elements are able to be scaled to your business easily.

We Speak Your Language

We know what your customer is demanding. We market those needs into the latest product trends to get the best customer satisfaction. And of course, we speak English, Dutch, and Chinese.

How we work.

1 Intake. Let's talk about your channel. We like to know all the insights about your audience. How can we create win-win situations?

2 Branding. In collaboration with you, we come up with some branded mock ups. We provide you with designs at this stage.

3 Sourcing. Finding the right supplier with the best quality for your new product. Getting samples and sending it to you.

4 Production. Your new products come in bulk to you. We make sure the factory delivers on time and with the right quality.

5 Selling. No webshop yet? No problem, we build you a branded webshop where you can sell your unique products.

6 Up-selling & Cross-selling. Let us find related or combined products to offer too.